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AQ Meliority

The One Skincare for the One You

Formulas that transform skin with truly astonishing, measurable results. You would spare no expense to have them. We have spared no expense to create them.

Decorté AQ Meliority is for you, the discerning skincare connoisseur, who places a premium on performance and expects incomparable results.

Our partnerships with leading scientists and universities afford us unprecedented access to the latest dermatological research. Our decades of formulation expertise allow us to source superior ingredients that are the envy of the industry. Our painstaking manufacturing standards produce small batches under lab-sterile conditions for utmost purity and quality. All to awaken your skin’s full potential.

Skin Regenerated

Inspired by regenerative medicine’s approach to cell renewal, Decorté AQ Meliority achieves remarkable levels of performance—able to awaken skin’s abilities to self-regenerate and recapture youth.

Each formula is saturated with at least 20 skin-transforming beauty actives; some considerably more. Patented delivery capsule technology allows the ratio of ingredients to be so precisely balanced, one could call our methods artisanal.

It’s a technological marvel that yields both extraordinary benefits and ultra-luxurious textures that delight the skin.


Discover the precious, botanical actives captured in each AQ Meliority formula


This legendary green tea surpasses all Japanese cultivars with its extraordinary concentration of antioxidants. Ours is grown on a small organic farm on remote Yakushima island, home to the highest annual rainfall in Japan, where mountain waterfalls nourish the tea fields with energized, ion-rich mist. The moment each leaf reaches the peak of nature’s perfection, it is individually handpicked—then transformed into single drops of vitality that help protect skin’s integrity and power optimal regeneration.

Individually handpicked— this legendary green tea helps protect skin’s integrity and power optimal regeneration.


Grown at high altitude in equatorial Kenya, this varietal of purple tea was specifically developed to thrive under the harshest UV rays. We distill the rarest portion of the plant—one bud with two leaves—to yield an exceptionally high content of polyphenols.

One of the most powerful ingredients to defuse the skin-aging effects of oxidative stress.


A living water, sourced from pristine Hokkaido white birch forests, which only can be harvested for four weeks during the snow melt. Overflowing with nature’s vitality, its revitalizing minerals and amino acids intensely nourish the skin and help awaken renewal.

Hand-harvested only four weeks out of the year, its revitalizing minerals and amino acids intensely nourish the skin and help awaken renewal.