Styling Liquid Eyeliner

Color: Liquid BK001


This refillable liquid eyeliner offers full-on versatility, creating everything from a precise line to a perfect cat, even a full Cleopatra if the mood strikes. Available in Glossy Black or Glossy Brown.

Shake lightly with cap on. Press the button to dispense the formula and draw a line along the lash line. Close cap after each use.

How to set

  1. Turn the cap and holder and remove the brush.
  2. Shake the refill well.
  3. Be sure to point the brush downward, place the ball part of the refill against the silver protrusion of the brush, and insert it straight and firmly. (When you release your hand, the refill will return about 5mm.) Please note that the liquid will not come out easily if the brush is not facing downward.
  4. Attach the holder with the brush tip facing down and shake it up and down several times.
  5. Slowly press the knock button several times until the liquid is sufficiently distributed to the tip of the brush. *If the liquid does not come out or it is not filled enough, place the tip of the brush down and slowly push the base of the brush (A) up two to three times. Then slowly press the knock button several times.

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